Deciding to medicate with marijuana.

I know this plant is more effective with less side-effects than all of the many psychoactive pharmaceuticals


After some bumps in young adulthood I didn’t understand how “weed” could help me. I had smoked many times and gotten high everyday for months at a time. How could this “drug” help me? I admitted to myself, I never cared about my pain when I had smoked marijuana before.

My mother convinced me I should give it a “serious try.” I discussed it with everyone who was willing? Prying every piece of information I could find. I discovered my primary was excitedly pro-marijuana use as medicine. I started out with a glass pipe and 14 individual grams of different strains, the caregiver collective I found had been recommended by my doctor. I had never fully quit smoking marijuana but only smoked on occasion.

I worked a full time job, so I waited until after my shift was done. (These medical strains came with a warning of potency.) I got my comfy clothes on and I packed a small bowl of Blue Dream. (I have linked the info on the strain.) I laid on my couch, took 2 inhales and understood as my pain didn’t leave but no longer bothered me. The doubt and fear in my head quieted and I sat in clarity for a few minutes. This marijuana was way different than what I had been getting from “Fred” down the way. The effects of this strain were happy and freeing. Stress and worries melted away from my thoughts. The down side was the dry mouth. (Stay hydrated, it helps.)

The full implications didn’t come to fruition until a month later. After 17 months of medical marijuana usage I know this plant is more effective with less side-effects than all of the many psychoactive pharmaceuticals I have been dosed with previously in my life. I am positive I will continue to medicate naturally for years to come. I will next time talk about experimenting with “medibles.”

Author: RoseoftheDawn

I am a Canadian born mother of 2. We home school! We family our way! My children tell me, I am the best Mom ever! I love them more than anything!

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