About Me

Hello, thank you for reading my blog. Here is a little back story. I am a bi-polar woman who lives in chronic pain. I went to many doctors growing up. They put me on multiple medications. By 15 years old I was taking 5 different pharmaceuticals daily. I was sedate most of the time and could never participate in gym class, never mind sports. I suffered from migraines and debilitating leg pains. Part of my bi-polar caused me to feel greatly unloved and suicidal, even while I attended weekly therapy. After I intentionally overdosed on my own medications twice, my mother and doctors decided I should ween off all pharmaceuticals and start again from the beginning.  I refused to take pills again and soon after went off on my own as an adult. In recent past, the Great State of Maine legalized medical marijuana. Reluctantly I gave it a try and this blog tells the story of how marijuana changed my life.